Creative Paper Making Edges


Handmade paper looks lovely with its natural deckle (torn, not cut, edge). But what if you want to make your own lovely deckled edge? Maybe with different kinds of paper? You probably have one of those rulers with a ripple edge, and you probably have tried to tear the paper against the ruler, only to have it leave gaps and tears, making it look more like the dog chewed it. Using scissors or an X-acto knife (or box cutter) leaves a clean, but hard, edge.

deckle-edge paperHere are several ways to get a soft torn edge, and get it right every time.

1. Fold and knife. Fold the paper where you want the deckled edge. Using a steak knife, or other knife with well-honed serrations, cut through the fold, from inside to out. Small strokes, sharp knife, close to the fold. No big strokes, no hard pulling. Sawing motions work best.

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