a box of 2,400 Krispy Kremes Now that’s a hole lotta doughnuts. Do you see what we did there? (Picture: Krispy Kreme UK)

If Krispy Kreme UK’s standard sized box of a dozen just leaves you wanting more, then you may find this particular offering fits the bill.

Because it contains – wait for it – a whopping 2,400 Original Glazed Krispy Kremes, in a ‘double hundred dozen’ box put together by the company to promote their move into catering with Krispy Kreme Occasions.

Yes, their new venture allows them to fill your corporate occasion with sweet treats or even – get this – provide you with a wedding cake consisting entirely of a doughnut tower.

As if this box of glazed goodies, which measured 11ft long and was packed by a team of eight people – isn’t awesome enough.

Just to whip up further excitement, the firm ran a competition for a business to win the…

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