Doctor Who: Time Heist The one where the Doctor and Clara rob a bank (Picture: BBC0

With their most recent memories erased, the Doctor and Clara break into the most impregnable bank in the universe without knowing what they are trying to steal, why they agreed to do so or who they are working for.

Doctor’s Four

With the season-long arc involving Missy and Danny Pink established, this is a standalone caper which takes Doctor Who into the heist movie world of Ocean’s Eleven and The Italian Job, but with a crew of just four and without anyone needing to ‘blow the bloody doors off’. (There’s no need to do that when you have a dimensional shift bomb.)

And do you know what? It was fun. A lot of fun.

It didn’t have the slapstick buffoonery of Robot of Sherwood (which I didn’t like anyway). It didn’t have a particularly intricate plot. What it…

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